Grindmaster B-SAP Genesis Brewers Series Airpot Coffee Brewer
SKU# Model B-SAP
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The Grindmaster Airpot Coffee Brewer is an elegant solution to your coffee and hot beverage needs at home or at the office. This quality hot beverage maker from Grind Master utilizes contemporary technology to ensure you an perfect hot beverage brewing experience every time. The Grindmaster B-SAP Genesis Brewers Series Airpot Coffee Brewer has all of the features that you would expect from such a high end hot beverage brewing device. The Grindmaster Genesis Brewers Series Model B-SAP features a completely digital system that controls brew temperature and brew volumes with digitally controlled accuracy. The unique pourover capability on this unit automatically engages pourover mode when the inlet valve does not sense water. The dual voltage toggle switch allows you to easily convert the unit from operating at 120V to 240V, providing flexibility with consistent brew temperatures and volumes. When you buy your hot beverage or coffee making supplies from Coffee For Less, you always receive the reliable service and speedy shipping that you expect from Coffee For Less. Discount codes may not be applied to Hot Beverage Machines but will be applied to the remainder of your order.